Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers:

Y. Teng, P. Yu, S. Bai and S. Jiang:
The origin of Asian pear cultivars inferred from DNA markers.

Sezai Ercişli:
Fruit genetic resources and challenges of climate changes.

V. Ninković, D. Marković and I. Dahlin:
Volatiles as a cue in early detection of completive neighbors – the processes with effects on tritrophic interactions.

L. Chalak, S. Baydoun and J. Tous:
Back to underutilized fruit crops in some East Mediterranean countries along the Silk Roads to cope with future challenges.

F. Stampar and V. Schmitzer:
Intensive apple fruit production in Caucasian Mountain regions.

A. Santomauro:
Implementation of IPP directive and its consequences in Mediterranean countries.